I was at a business trip to United States of America for around a month, few weeks back. It was nice to finally visit the world’ most powerful, rich and advanced country. I had looked forward to it. Contrary to what I had heard, trip was smooth, the people at immigration and customs were nice (nicer than what I see at Bangalore and Delhi airports) and the weather there was great. Apart from a few problems like, lack of public transport, lack of vegetarian food options and tonnes of office work that I had at hand – time was well spent. During one of lunch outings there with my American counterparts, I was asked – what will you tell your family and friends about Americans?
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My Silicon Valley

I recently moved to Bangalore for sometime. It was a welcome change from dusty, dirty and hot weather of Delhi to damp, dirty and cool weather. Atleast one aspect was better and me being a very content guy was, well to say, “very contented”.
Actually it was my wish to visit the so called Silicon Valley of India. I had been hearing a lot from my friends who work here or have made the city their home. Also, I was tired of living in same old Delhi for past so many years. A welcome change I thought. Till the time I touched down.
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The Girl From Guwahati

A girl being openly molested in a crowded road in city of Guwahati was an eye opener to me. I have spent some time of my life in the city and have always found it to be very respecting towards woman (just the way most of North Eastern India is). Unlike the “civilised and happening” cities in other part of India, I never saw people sitting on Ladies Only seats in public transport, a harsh remark from a woman used to be enough to scurry off hooligan kids. The girls can marry guys they like, they dress the way they like and can stay late out without any fear, something most girls in our country who live in “big” cities.
Thank you the brave guys from Guwahati for correcting me.
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The Dow Olympics

Dow is going to sponsor the coming Olympics. And in most probability many coming ones as well. The shouts of Bhopal Gas tragedy survivors and a number of world organisations fell into deaf ears. Well to be honest, when it comes to money, human life (especially if it belongs to a third world country) don’t stand any where.
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There is no doubt about it. Indian foreign policy is pathetic and we are ourselves to blame about it. More than half a dozen neighbours – no body likes us. Heck, they prefer China (a country with one of worst human rights record) over world’s largest democracy. And us?
Recently our protectors of border – BSF tortured a cattle smuggler on camera. Why? He didn’t pay the bribe for the job. I feel secure already.
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