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The Indian Medal

NDTV was asking certain Indian biz champs as to why they all are willing to dole out so much money on failing Indian cricket team (India had not won the T20 world cup then) but are not willing to give even small sponsorship to other sports like football or athletics.

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The Olympic Torch

The Beijing Olympic torch reached Delhi and the relay run took place last evening. The torch was carried by a number of famous sports-person in our country – Aamir Khan (the cricket player from Lagaan era), Sagarika Ghatge (the snobby/snotty looking, mean hockey player from Chak De India – yeah, the one who refused to […]

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Take me home …

After 8 grueling hours of sitting idly in my office chair, I always look forward to my journey back home. The cab ride always takes away the boredom and worries I have loaded during work hours.

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My non existence

Tired of my non-existence, I am willing to take on newer challenges. I would love to be part of a talent-hunt show or a reality show but somehow I do not think I will last more than a day there. I take a hell lot of time before I can shed tears and viewer ratings […]

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Festive Season

The Diwali came and passed. Said to be a time of lights, crackers and sweets, it resembles more a period of cleaning, purchasing and baksheeshing. Since I moved to a new house, the three aspects were even more prominent. Armed with two different kind of brooms, a wiper, half a dozen of buckets of water […]

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