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The Olympic Torch

The Beijing Olympic torch reached Delhi and the relay run took place last evening. The torch was carried by a number of famous sports-person in our country – Aamir Khan (the cricket player from Lagaan era), Sagarika Ghatge (the snobby/snotty looking, mean hockey player from Chak De India – yeah, the one who refused to […]

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Take me home …

After 8 grueling hours of sitting idly in my office chair, I always look forward to my journey back home. The cab ride always takes away the boredom and worries I have loaded during work hours.

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My non existence

Tired of my non-existence, I am willing to take on newer challenges. I would love to be part of a talent-hunt show or a reality show but somehow I do not think I will last more than a day there. I take a hell lot of time before I can shed tears and viewer ratings […]

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Festive Season

The Diwali came and passed. Said to be a time of lights, crackers and sweets, it resembles more a period of cleaning, purchasing and baksheeshing. Since I moved to a new house, the three aspects were even more prominent. Armed with two different kind of brooms, a wiper, half a dozen of buckets of water […]

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The special day

So how do you prepare for your first marriage anniversary? Ever given thought to this? Actually I never did, until the day was just a week away. Then came the “sink-in” part. Mom started reminding me not to forget it. Poor Mom, trying hard so that her bahu doesn’t experience what she has to undergo. […]

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