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The Girl From Guwahati

A girl being openly molested in a crowded road in city of Guwahati was an eye opener to me. I have spent some time of my life in the city and have always found it to be very respecting towards woman (just the way most of North Eastern India is). Unlike the “civilised and happening” […]

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The Indian Medal

NDTV was asking certain Indian biz champs as to why they all are willing to dole out so much money on failing Indian cricket team (India had not won the T20 world cup then) but are not willing to give even small sponsorship to other sports like football or athletics.

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Back on earth!!

Yeah!!!!! India has a woman president finally. We did what most of so-called white, developed countries could not. Seems like it’s┬áthe golden era for our womenfolk. Sunita Williams in space, Pratibha Patil in Raisina Hills, Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother, and so on and so forth (actually, I ran out of names).

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