The racist Indians

Frankly I don’t feel much sympathy with students being attacked in Australian cities.
Ok, this sounds too insensitive. Actually I mean, I have feeling of apathy. This is the commonest trait amongst us Indians. We are indifferent to extent of being inhuman. A helpless boy, thousands of miles away from his home, away from his kins, studying and working together to meet ends being mugged up by some white ruffians for booze – a typical sob story in media these days!!
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My Ego-surfing

I had not much work today. So I decided what any IT guy must have done atleast once in his life – egosurfing. Ok, it means the practice of searching for one’s own given name, surname, full name, pseudonym, or screen name on a popular search engine, to see what results appear (Well, Thank You Google).
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Too much Sun…

It is hot in Delhi. Actually very hot. Temperature is soaring above 42C and there is no sign of cloud (let alone rain) for any of poor Delhi-wallahs.
Infact the rains skip my colony even when it rains in Delhi. And there are a number of theories with people around me about this.
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The Indian Medal

NDTV was asking certain Indian biz champs as to why they all are willing to dole out so much money on failing Indian cricket team (India had not won the T20 world cup then) but are not willing to give even small sponsorship to other sports like football or athletics.
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The Olympic Torch

The Beijing Olympic torch reached Delhi and the relay run took place last evening. The torch was carried by a number of famous sports-person in our country – Aamir Khan (the cricket player from Lagaan era), Sagarika Ghatge (the snobby/snotty looking, mean hockey player from Chak De India – yeah, the one who refused to pass ball to other team-mates) amongst them. Ok, there were a few oldies whose name I am unable to recall. Heard they won medals in past, big deal.
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